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SolarRoof.Cool: Summary of Tesla Solar Roof

And well, in summary*

If it’s not evident with the prior eight thousand words, I’m quite excited by the Tesla Solar Roof and Powerwalls. They perfectly meet my expectations, and I’m glad to be an owner of a product that accelerates the world’s movement to clean and sustainable energy.

So, would you install it again?

Absolutely. I’ve been pleased enough with the Solar Roof so far. And I believe that the product will only get better.

You should definitely consider Solar.

If you’re not fully sold on the Solar Roof, or your roof is too new or is unsuitable, you should still consider going solar with Powerwall! As the technology grows and improves, it makes more economic sense to adopt it—not to mention the absolutely massive improvement solar and Powerwall makes for the environment. (If I wasn’t interested in the Solar Roof, I’d have shopped around with local solar installers that could also install Powerwall for me.)

Want a hookup?

If you’re at all interested in any Tesla products—both cars and solar—please feel free to use my referral. There’s good things in it for both you and me if you use it, like discounts or free supercharger miles. https://www.tesla.com/referral/alex21866

Thanks for your time.

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